God’s ways are not our ways

In the Book of Isaiah (55:8) God tells us, for my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. Those who are familiar with the Word of God can think of examples in scripture where this is clearly seen. Some time ago, I was driving home and praying as I sometimes do, and the Lord spoke about missing the day of visitation. I began to ask the Lord what He meant.  The Lord told me that the church for the most part is missing the time of their visitation, because the instrument that God is using, does not meet their approval. When I got home, I looked up the passage (Luke 19:44), to see the context. The scenario unfolding in this verse was because Israel had not recognized the time of their peace, the arrival of their Messiah, judgment would come upon them which happened in 70AD. Israel had their own ideas of God’s messiah and Jesus did not fulfill what they expected. Israel was looking for one that would come and destroy all their enemies. They missed the fact that before the Lion of Judah would come to set up his earthly kingdom as foretold in the scriptures, the Lamb of God had to come to give his life as a ransom for mankind.

Israel at that time, as many today are looking through the eyes of man and not God. The Apostle Peter at one moment was told by Christ that the Father in heaven had revealed to him that He (Jesus) was God in human flesh and moments later, Jesus tells Peter that Satan was speaking through him (Matthew 16:15-23). This shows how we can see clearly at one time and then Satan can come in and cloud our understanding. How true this is today in our world, even in our churches the people of God are unable or unwilling to look through the eyes of the Spirit of God. For the last few years of the previous administration there were big prayer rallies and countless cries for a change in our nation, we were going the wrong way. We were crying out for God to do as He always has done in response to the prayers of His people, respond and answer. God’s answers don’t always come as we expect.

When we look through scripture, we see God calling Nebuchadnezzar His servant and see that God used this pagan king to punish His people Judah. Later God gave to this same king, one of the most prophetic dreams of the gentile powers until the time when Christ will come to set up His kingdom upon the earth. We see also, Cyrus, the Persian king who about 150 years before his birth, God calls His Anointed one. God would use this pagan king to release the Jewish people from captivity and allow them to go back home to Jerusalem. Cyrus, even gave money and provisions to the returning people to build the temple, including all of the treasures that Nebuchadnezzar took out of the temple, years earlier. I want to look at one more example (although we could look at many more), Jehu. This man was one that was anointed to be king, in a rather strange way. The Prophet Elisha, called one of the children of the prophets to take some oil, find Jehu, call him aside privately and pour the oil on him. The prophet was to tell him the Lord anointed him to be king and run out of the house!  We find that Jehu, was hand -picked by God to deal with the sons of Ahab and Jezebel. Naboth had a garden that Ahab wanted, but wouldn’t sell, so Jezebel had some men lie about Naboth, which caused him to be killed (1 Kings 21:1-26). Isaiah, at God’s command pronounced a judgment against them. Jehu, within one week, after being anointed king had rounded up all the sons of Ahab and had killed Jezebel. Jehu, was called because he was swift and effective at doing what was on his mind. Jehu, was even called by some a madman because of the way he was. In all, no one would have used these people to be in charge, but God does things His own way, not ours.

Many years before the 2016 election of President Trump there were many voices in the Christian community speaking about God raising up Trump to be president. One who calls Trump by name is Kim Clement, he was a prophet that went to be with the Lord just a while after the president’s election. Kim was one that was well known in the Christian community as one that the Lord used mightily. Videos of his prophecies are still on You Tube, I would suggest you check out his videos.

President Trump has done more for the Christian community then any other president. God spoke of how He would use this president to clean up Washington and to bring this nation back to a place of economic strength. The Lord also spoke of how the enemies of the west would fear him and how he would build the wall around the nation, stand with Israel and so many other wonderful things. I am not exalting a man, but I am acknowledging that this man is being used by God to fulfill and answer many of the cries of His people that went up before Him. You might ask, how can God use a man that talks the way he does and acts in ways that are not conventional with being a president? God has used men that were not conventional to do His bidding. Ask yourself, how many would have continued as he has? The work that he has done, even in the midst of - this impeachment (which the Lord spoke through Kim Clement also years before it happened), and the ongoing investigations is more then most have accomplished in two terms. That in and of itself is a miracle. God even spoke of President Trump having two terms. Due to the lack of space we have to stop here.

The question that needs to be asked is found in the Book of Joshua, when Joshua saw a figure and asked whose side He was on. We so many times want to say that God is on our side and that He is against those who oppose us. In this we again are mistaken about God and the ways in which He does things. The response of the figure, who is the Angel of the LORD (Joshua 5:13-15), is that He is the Captain of the Host of the LORD. Did you see that? The Captain was not on Joshua’s side per say. We think of our side, your side and God’s side, but the captain informs Joshua that it wasn’t his side, but Gods side and he asked if he was going to be a partaker with Him. The next thing we see is Joshua, the mighty man of God, called to lead the people into the promised land fall down and submit to God’s leadership, God’s way and God’s side. This is an important question that we all have to consider carefully, whose side are you on, yours, or God’s? As Jesus told the people in His day, this was to your peace, but you rejected it and judgment is coming. We many times don’t like hearing that everything with God has a double-edged sword. If you repent and surrender to the Lord, blessing, if you refuse the same word that was to bring blessing ends up to bring chastisement.